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HASHKIOSK.COM offers a one-stop shop for all your Touch Screen kiosk hardware and software needs. With our unique infrastructure, we are able to offer quality solutions for all your kiosk requirements.
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About Us
Hashkiosk.com is Mumbai, INDIA based Interactive Software company that distributes Multimedia Computer Touch Screen Kiosks. We have a range of custom-made Touch Screen kiosks for the client, offering many different alternatives to match the application. Clients requirement could vary between information kiosk or transaction kiosk. For us the fundamental driving force of every project is that the kiosk delivers, matches precise to the client’s requirements and proves to be a great success. To achieve this, we work closely together with the client, ensuring great design, functionality and durability. We always source kiosk components of the highest quality. Our expertise begins with kiosk, software consulting and design. We also offer website and graphic design services, installation, on-site service, remote kiosk monitoring and kiosk usage reporting. With a full line of stock kiosk designs, we are uniquely positioned to produce the right kiosks that will exceed your expectations. We also specialize in prototype and custom kiosk solutions for information and Transaction kiosk type.

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