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HASHKIOSK.COM offers a one-stop shop for all your kiosk hardware and software needs. With our unique infrastructure, we are able to offer quality solutions for all your kiosk requirements.
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Hash kiosk’s team of project managers, designers, and engineers bring together the creativity and system knowledge to build a kiosk appliance to your unique specifications from start to finish and then produce in volume.

Coupling our expertise in design, software integration and hardware manufacturing, we modify our existing products or create completely custom devices that capitalize on your existing digital assets and web services to arrive at a kiosk solution that will best meet you and your customers needs.

As a manufacturer we are able to guarantee long term availability of the components that go into our kiosk. We track all peripherals, components and software drivers to help smooth installation and long term support for the rollout.

Hashkiosk has the skills to design and produce customs kiosks for all applications and they are client specific. Hashkiosk’s Engineering Division is fully qualified for the installation and support of every system we offer. Our in-house manufacturing allows for complete control over the delivery of a quality product. We have a designers team that can design and prototype a kiosk in few days, so we can build and deliver a custom kiosk as per requirement.

Just a small sample of the different types of terminals & kiosks available today.

• Self-Service Kiosks / Terminals
• Info-Terminals
• Photo Kiosks / Digital Print
• Multimedia webphones
• Transactional devices
• Communicational devices
• Medical
• Gaming / Entertainment
• Ticketing
• Time Management
• Car Park
• Access Control
• CUSS technology

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