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Hashtech Launches Nano series of Kiosks

New models incorporate latest technologies including thin client and Atom processors. Prices drop by around 60% over existing models.

Mumbai, India, June 30, 2009 -- "If our models don't knock you down, the prices sure will," said Harish Sukhwal at the launch of the two new models of Kiosks under the Nano series. Specifically designed for the Indian environment, these machines are rugged to withstand extreme operation conditions and come at prices that are "atleast 50-60 percent lower than what is available in the market. We have been able to achieve these prices by taking advantage of new technologies like thin clients and the Atom series of processors. Apart from the low cost of acquisition, the new kiosks also have low overall cost of operation due to their frugality in consuming power."

The two machines launched today include:

hskzw-0921HSK Nano ZW 0921: Based on Intel's Atom processor this wall mount is a monster performer that sips power. Ideally suited for locations where space is a premium. Can be used to run a wide variety of media from movies, to flash presentations and all types of kiosk software. Typical locations would be airports, rail and bus stations, malls, hospitals, movie theaters, exhibitions and educational institutes. These sleek models are very portable and serve as a great movable informational display.

hskzf-0931HSK Nano ZF 0931: Based on Intel's Atom processor this wall mount is a monster performer that sips power. The floor standing model (that comes with frosted acrylic sheets and back lighting) is ideally suited for environments where the kiosk body will be used for publicity. Can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations.

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