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Self-service is possibly best known for its retail applications, with many high-street retailers now making extensive use of all that kiosks have to offer, and reaping in the benefits - and the profit! The scope for self-service retail solutions is rapidly increasing as customers become more familiar with the technology and more prepared to Choose a kiosk over a manned till.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in retail include:
. Self-scan terminals where the customer can check prices
. Self check-out systems where the customer can scan, pack and pay
. Loyalty card terminals to access and redeem loyalty points
. Digital signage and advertising terminals for in-store promotions
. Information terminals which offer advice and recommendations to customers on particular products based on the customer's preferences
. Photo kiosks, providing speedy and professional photo prints to customers

Use of self-service in retail can increase revenue by cutting down on staff costs, decrease pressure on staff, decrease waiting times for customers and serve at unsociable hours. They also impact hugely on customer satisfaction by giving customers the ability to service themselves quickly and easily, getting what they want, when they want it.

Banking And Finance

Retail banks, mortgage banks, money/currency services, etc

Self-service really started with the ATM, which provided an easy way for customers to access their account, without having to queue for a teller. Self-service in banking has now moved far beyond the ATM, as more and more banks find out how kiosks in branches can help their business.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in banking and finance include: Ready Solutions : Queue Management , Cheque Deposit, Mobile Recharges(India/USA), Bill Payment(India/USA)
Paying-in kiosks, where customers can withdraw cash and pay in cheques and cash to their accounts Statement kiosks, allowing customers to obtain full, detailed statements Investment kiosks, opening up the option of investing money electronically Investment kiosks, opening up the option of investing money electronically Internet banking terminals, for accessing online accounts in branch Advice and information terminals, offering financial advice and recommendations to Customers.

In a busy environment where customers often have just minutes to complete important transactions, kiosks can provide efficient customer service while freeing up customer service advisors to deal with those who need further attention. In this way customer service is improved throughout the branch, for all customers, at a greatly reduced cost

Travel And Tourism

Airports/airlines, railway, bus and coach operators, travel agencies, tourism councils, petrol stations, car hire, etc.

The travel industry is an intensely pressurised business, with millions of people travelling every day. In a business that places such demand on high-speed, top-notch customer service, the kiosk can provide the ideal solution, both by providing a maximally efficient means of serving travellers in a number of capacities, and by simultaneously providing them with the kind of service that can only be offered by a kiosk - one which customers feel is fair and without prejudice.

Some examples of kiosk solutions in travel & tourism include:
. Self check-in and CUSS terminals, for queue-free check-ins
. Service terminals, to purchase other services , such as car hire
. Ticketing kiosks, to purchase travel tickets without having to queue
. Information terminals, which provide travel times, maps, etc.

Self check-in has already become extremely successful in many of Europe's airports, and kiosks have given an enormous boost to the travel industry, dramatically speeding up the process of getting from one place to another, and providing heightened customer satisfaction.


Mobile phone operators, network provider, ISPs, etc.

One of the fastest-moving industries there is, telecommunications can certainly benefit from fast-moving customer service which is always up-to-date, reliably informed and available.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in telecommunications include:
. Mobile phone terminals, to download ring tones, etc. and top up balances
. Internet access kiosks, making the net available to everyone, everywhere
. Information terminals, detailing telecommunications products in store
. Credit card 'top-up' terminals, allowing customers who use chargeable credit cards for online shopping to top up their card anywhere.

Telecommunications and self-service would seem to go hand-in-hand, with kiosks providing remote access to a wide range of telecommunications products and services. However, self-service terminals can also benefit major telecommunications retailers, reducing store 'walkaways' by providing instant information about telecommunications devices (for instance, mobile phones) when sales assistants are unavailable or busy. They can also promote special offers and offer exclusive custom content, offering a way to gain an entirely new set of customers.


Hotels, non-fast-food restaurants, restaurant chains, etc.

In hospitality, self-service really comes into its own, allowing customers to look after themselves (thereby always ensuring that their individual needs can be met to the highest degree),and freeing staff to spend more time with customers who really need their help.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in hospitality include::
. Self check-in terminals for hotels, allowing customers to check themselves in electronically rather than queuing
. Automated arrivals kiosks for conferences, where clients can register their arrival, print out tickets, etc
. Reservation booking terminals for restaurants, enabling diners to reserve a table and order food in advance
. Fast food & drinks order terminals, where customers order and pay before collecting their meal
. Electronic menus, allowing the diner to choose at the table and transmit their order directly to the kitchens.

By allowing customers to take control and make their own choices through self-service, customer satisfaction is absolutely assured. When a customer has a problem that requires human resolution, staff can focus completely on the problem at hand because of the reduced pressure on their time.

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