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High staff volume companies, manufacturers,

Self-service can be invaluable to any company with a large number of staff and/or a sizeable intranet. In some countries, it is even required by law that intra- and internet access is available to all employees of a company, which in non-office situations (for instance, on the manufacturing floor, in a warehouse) can be a challenge to provide. Kiosks are the ideal solution to this problem, providing easy and quick access to staff intranets throughout the company premises, wherever employees are based.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in HR include:
. Remote platforms in warehouses, manufacturing bases, et cetera, which provide constant (wireless) access to the staff intranet and even to the internet, featuring robust enclosures to protect the technology from damage.
. Wireless mobile terminals which can travel with staff from place to place, easily carried and easy to operate at any time.


Franchisees, automated video rental providers, Photo retailers,

Providing a greater range of products in a cost-effective manner to increase profits can only be a positive step for many franchises. In order to make this possible, more and more franchisers are already offering self-service solutions as part of their packages.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in franchising include:
. Automated DVD & video rental kiosks, allowing a customer in a store to rent a DVD or video from a kiosk, pay at the kiosk and even return the item to the kiosk after viewing, requiring no input from sales assistants.
. Digital passport photo-booths, enabling users to take and print their own image suitable for passports or driving licenses, as well as allowing them to print novelty images and even greeting cards featuring their picture.
. Photo kiosks, where customers can print and manipulate images from their digital cameras.


Universities, Colleges, Public and Private Schools,
Information technology has become incredibly popular and important throughout Europe's education system, especially as more and more information becomes available on the internet, and as computer literacy becomes an essential requirement for many jobs.

Self-service forms a natural part of this drive to 'close the digital divide', providing faster, more efficient, more cost-effective solutions for schools and universities, thus improving student access to IT and education services.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in education include:
. University administration terminals, offering students a range of services.
. Public internet access kiosks, making the Internet available to everyone.
. Library check-in and check-out kiosks, facilitating borrowing of books for users.
. Education terminals, allowing younger children to become more familiar with technology.
. Test and examination terminals, where students can sit exams both in school and remotely, and receive their marks instantly.

The potential for improving education through self-service is immense, offering students access to information providers such as the internet and facilitating time management, while providing a cost-effective means of transmitting information.

Malls / Facilities Management

Shopping Centres, Fitness/wellness venue operators, Facility management companies,

In a large or busy shopping centre or mall, customers will want to know where they are going, how to get there, and what shops are available to them, among a number of other things (such as purchasing car parking or reserving toddler carts). Theatres, fitness clubs, concert halls and other venues have similar requirements, where customers want to book and pay for tickets, design a fitness routine, or view news and reviews of upcoming and past shows. Self-service can make all of this very simple and cost-effective to manage, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging return trips.

Some examples of kiosk solutions for facilities management include:
. Info and planning terminals, allowing customers to find out about a centre and plan & print their activities.
. Booking terminals, enabling customers to book tickets for shows, concerts, or simply parking, pay and print tickets on the spot.
. Fitness kiosks, taking weight, height and other measurements of a user and asking questions about their fitness goals, then providing a printable fitness (and even dietary) regime to follow.

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