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Hospitals, pharmacies, doctors' surgeries, etc.

In an industry where face-to-face care is all important, it might be thought that self-service would not play an important role, but the opposite is more often true, as self-service can help to promote a better quality of personal care and understanding.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks for healthcare include:
. Automated arrival terminals, where patients can check themselves in
. Appointment booking kiosks, for patients to make or view appointments
. Health information terminals, which provide general health information and give answers to common questions
. Patient records terminals, allowing patients to check their medical records

The kiosk can play a major role in providing a trustworthy and highly secure means of transmitting information between the patient and his/her doctor or healthcare advisor, without the need to go via a third party. It also enables patients to have improved access to information and can help surgeries and hospitals to run in a more efficient manner by automating the check-in procedure. It even cuts down on the paperwork! In short, kiosks can both improve the patient's experience and help to reduce costs, while maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Lottery & Betting

Lottery & Sweepstakes operators, bookmakers, etc.

The filling out of paper slips in lottery and betting offices is fast becoming a thing of the past in Europe. With minimal footprints and online booking and payment facilities, kiosks can handle all the day-to-day activities, leaving staff valuable time to serve other customers.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks for lottery & betting include:
. Lottery ticket kiosks, where customers can select, pay for and print their own tickets without queuing at a manned counter, as well as collect their winnings.
. Betting terminals, where users can place bets on all current events and collect their winnings, and can even view the events as they happen.
. Information & Prediction terminals, providing detailed information on current events to bet on, including observations of form and recommendations for safe and lucrative bets, as well as providing a source of information for those new to betting.

The fast pace of the lottery & betting markets makes them ideally suited to incorporating self-service. Terminals are able to provide efficient, swift service for existing clients, while making available all the information a new user needs to start betting, thus encouraging new customers into the market.


Councils, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, civil services contractors, etc

Information technology has become incredibly popular and important throughout Europe, and governments are well aware of this trend, with the EU even offering grants and funds for governments who want to provide public internet and IT access, in a drive to close the 'digital divide'. Self-service forms a natural part of this drive, providing faster, more efficient, more cost-effective and more satisfying services to the people.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in government & public services include:
. Public internet access kiosks, making the Internet available to everyone
. Library check-in and check-out kiosks, facilitating borrowing of books for users Citizen Advice kiosks, making information available to the public about their legal and civil rights
. Tourist information kiosks, providing information from printable maps to useful telephone numbers
. Staff organisation/intranet kiosks, enabling local government to run more smoothly and efficiently from within

Self-service can provide a range of valuable services to users, at any time, in any place, and without investment in extra salaries or employee costs. Kiosks can help to reach people in remote areas, and make information available 24 hours a day, at little to no extra cost

Fast Food

Chain restaurant operators, franchisees, etc.

The aim of fast food is really self-evident - food, served fast! And with self-service solutions, fast food can be served even faster, keeping customers on the move rather than making them wait in queues to order, freeing up staff time and outlet resources.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in fast food include::
. Remote ordering kiosks, allowing customers to place orders themselves which are directly transmitted to the kitchen staff, ensuring that food is ready and prepared for the customer in an optimum time.
. Queue-busting terminals, which can be employed at peak times to reduce pressure on staff and ensure customers are served as quickly as possible.
. Service kiosks, providing a variety of entertainment and information services to customers, such as music downloads and listening terminals, video terminals, mobile phone top-up and media downloads, local information and so on, keeping customers in the diner for longer.

Self-service in fast food can drive up sales and customer satisfaction by providing more meals in a shorter length of time, but it can also help to keep customers entertained while they eat and provide extra services to attract new customers.


Postal Service Providers, Couriers, Postal Machinery & Infrastructures Manufacturers

The postal service is used by almost everyone, and ever-increasing demand for excellent, speedy customer service, coupled with the necessity for service provision in both urban and rural areas, mean that self-service can be of real benefit. It can offer savings on employee costs, and even on premises costs in rural regions, while increasing both the number of services available and the number of locations in which those services can be available.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in the postal services include::
. Stamp issuing terminals, where customers can purchase stamps for posting letters.
. Parcel dispensing/weighing kiosks, providing a 24/7 service for customers to weigh, purchase postage for and dispatch parcels easily and quickly.
. Parcel franking terminals, allowing customers to frank their own parcels and letters and send them.
. Custom ATMs, offering not only the ability to take money out, but also offering a range of other services, such as payment of council tax, withdrawal of state pension, receipt of benefit payments, etc

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