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Exhibition Centre

Venue operators, event organisers, etc.

Event management can be facilitated via the use of self-service, helping visitors and exhibitors alike to find their way into and around exhibition halls, automating the entire process to create smooth-running and successful events.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in exhibition centres include:
. Entry kiosks, allowing exhibitors and visitors to register their arrival and receive all their documents, as well as ordering meals, drinks and other services.
. Ticketing terminals, printing personalised entry tickets for event visitors
. Way-finding (exhibitor finding), offering printable maps and route-planning facilities
. Internet access, making the Internet available to everyone at the exhibition

Avertising / Multimedia

Multimedia and advertising agencies, in-store designers

Digital media provides an excellent way of advertising brands and products, and self-service technology can develop this even further by targeting exactly the right customers, at times and in places when they are more likely to be receptive to advertising. Furthermore, self-service provides a great way of updating advertisements and offers simply, easily and on a large scale, without a high cost.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in advertising include:
. Digital signage, promoting products via audio-visual feed to a flat screen, viewed and heard by customers while they are browsing .
. Advertising via interactive kiosks - while a kiosk is not in use it can be used constantly as an advertising tool for all manner of products and brands, thereby ensuring it is useful even when not being used .
. Customer recommendation kiosks, enabling a customer to enter his/her preferences and receive a list of advertised products that meet their requirements on the spot .
. POS, POI, media and promotional installations in stores and public places .


Museums, collections and archives operators, curators,

Self-service can improve visitor turnover to small and large museums alike, at a fraction of the cost needed to hire more staff or launch a marketing campaign. Kiosks can make visitor experiences of a museum more enjoyable and more informative, thereby encouraging them to return, while also improving the entry process, reducing the need for large numbers of staff and enabling museums to open for longer.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in museums include:
. Entry ticketing terminals, allowing customers to purchase tickets on the door or collect tickets that they have reserved (online) without having to queue.
. Interactive exhibitions, encouraging visitors to spend more time with the exhibition and also heightening enjoyment by allowing visitors to involve themselves.
. Educational kiosks, offering visitors more information about the exhibits than can be contained in a guide book, also freeing up staff from giving guided tours.


Retail insurance companies, commercial insurance companies

Almost everyone needs insurance of some sort at some time, whether it's planned in advance or a last-minute realization that you've forgotten to buy that travel insurance you needed for your ski trip! Self-service can boost sales of insurance policies by making it easily available in a number of places, when it's needed most.

Examples of kiosk solutions offered to the insurance industry include::
. Travel insurance terminals placed in airports, seaports, bus stations, etc, reminding people to insure themselves, and allowing them to cover themselves immediately themselves for a holiday and need to do so immediately.
. Motor insurance terminals placed at petrol stations or service stations, enabling people to renew their car insurance or get a new quote while on the move
. Health insurance terminals placed in surgeries and hospitals, enabling users to insure themselves on the spot while the idea to do so remains fresh in their minds.

Insurance is something which is often left until the last minute - and self-service can capitalize on this, enabling people to buy insurance exactly when they need to. It can also provide for those who have planned ahead and want to investigate what is available.

Gaming And Leisure

Gaming venue operators, gambling chains, casinos.

A well-established market,gaming & leisure can still benefit further from the kiosk technology available today. Gamers demand more and more interactivity, and customer service is critical in leisure activities. Kiosk technology can provide all this and more. It can turn standard arcade games into a rich, totally interactive experience and make available the maximum range of services, with minimal customer effort required.

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks in gaming and leisure include:
. Interactive gaming terminals incorporating touchscreen, and even voice recognition technology to increase interaction.
. Demonstration terminals, for gamers to 'try before they buy'.
. Online gaming terminals, to play online games anywhere.
. Music and video kiosks, where customers can try, buy and transfer a wide range of audio and visual files for their mp3 or mp4 players.
. DVD rental kiosks, enabling customers to rent, pay for and return DVDs Gaming kiosk solutions can generate revenue in their own right, for instance by requiring players to pay before they play, or they can promote the purchase of home gaming systems, thereby indirectly generating profit.

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